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Roanoke Construction Attorney

Construction and property development is often governed by several factors — contracts, land use and zoning laws, restrictions, etc. In order for a project to be successfully fulfilled, all parties must comply with the rules. Businesses are legally obligated to pay contractors, subcontractors, material providers and laborers for services and items provided to their property. When payments are not made, these providers are able to file a mechanic's or construction lien against the business.

Copenhaver, Ellett & Derrico represents unpaid subcontractors and material providers in Roanoke and throughout southwest Virginia. Since 1964, we have been helping our clients file mechanic's and construction liens against businesses or business owners who neglected to pay for materials and services. We also assist businesses with staying in compliance with licensing and development regulations in order to protect them from mechanic's and construction liens.

Roanoke and Salem, VA, Mechanics Lien Attorneys Who Will Stand Up For You

Our business clients depend on the proven skills and decades of experience our Roanoke construction lawyer Richard L. Derrico provides. He has helped several business owners and individuals resolve complicated business and property issues involving mechanic's and construction claims.

How Does a Lien Work?
Virginia has a somewhat unique and powerful tool to allow contractors, subcontractors, and material and labor providers to be paid on construction jobs. These providers may file a mechanic's lien against the owner of the real property upon which services, materials, and labor are provided. The lien is "against" the property much like a mortgage or judgment.

The lien process is a technical matter that must be filed within 90 days of when materials or labor was last provided. It cannot include work performed over 150 days ago. If it includes any amount outside these periods, the whole lien is void. Depending on the situation, various notices must be provided.

A court case must be filed within six months of receiving the lien to enforce it or the lien lapses. Homeowners, banks and other contractors are usually most interested in resolving these matters because they tie up title to property. Though it seldom goes that far, the real property can be sold to pay your lien.

Copenhaver, Ellett & Derrico has valuable insight and experience to assist our clients in all complex business disputes involving liens. When you consult with our lawyers, we will address the issues and identify your legal options. Whether you are a business owner or a contractor, subcontractor, or a material provider, we will work with your to protect your best interests. We can also assist you with business formation and incorporation.

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